An Explosion On Oysterville’s Winter Lake

Dec 23, 2014 | 1 comment

Behind the Church, December 2014

Behind the Church, December 2014

A week or so ago, Bradley called from Seattle to say that he had something for my blog. “There are daffodils in bloom in back of the rhododendrons behind the church,” he said.

We had talked earlier – probably the first week in December – about his daffodils. He had pointed out that they were poking their green skirts up along the fence in front of his house. “The first ones bloomed on December 26th last year,” he said. “They will be even earlier this year.”

It wasn’t until Saturday that the rain and wind let up enough for me to go take a look. First I walked over to the church and went as far as I could (which wasn’t far at all) toward the rhodies. I stopped at the edge of the “winter lake” which forms each year to the west of the church. This year it is larger than ever and, though I could see glints of yellow in the distance, there was no way that I could get within camera range of those daffodils. Not from the churchyard.

Winter Daaffodils

Winter Daffodils

So, I retraced my steps back to the road and went into Bradley’s garden. Around to the north I walked and, again, the bobbing yellow blooms could be seen but they were off in the watery distance. From my new vantage point it was clear that they were growing right out of the ‘lake,’ apparently happy to be half submerged in the icy water.

Again I regrouped, this time heading west along the elegant flagstone path (YIKES! SLIPPERY!) and then north again to Bradley’s fire pit. By inching my way under and over blown down tree branches I was able to get a few pictures before it began to rain again in earnest.  Even so, they were mighty bleary-looking images. By the time I reached home the wind had come up and, boots and rain gear notwithstanding, I was pretty much drenched.

In Bright Profusion

In Bright Profusion

Within an hour of my return home we had two phone calls. The first was from Tucker saying that two large alder trees had just come down behind the church; one fell to the north and one to the south. He had just happened to see it occur through his back windows. Hard on the heels of that call came one from Greg: “Do you know that there has been an explosion of trees coming down behind the church? Bradley says he’ll take care of it when he’s down next week.”

“Next week” began yesterday and, although the chainsaws were going for several hours, Bradley came over about lunchtime to report that there were actually six trees down and that it would probably be spring before it was dry enough to take care of them.  All I could think of was “Silly daffodils – for blooming in a winter lake! Naughty daffodils – for enticing me into harm’s way! Lucky me – for reaching home before the explosion behind the church!”

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    How fortunate you were not caught in the crash!


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