An Escape Artist Extraordinaire!

Jun 4, 2020 | 3 comments


After lunch yesterday, Nyel and I parted ways for the afternoon — I, to go into my office hidey-hole and finish up a writing project and Nyel, heading outside to enjoy his chickens in the sunshine.

It was some time later that my concentration was broken by a familiar noise from the past.  A mower.  But not just any mower.  Not Chuck-the-church-guy’s mower and not Tom-our-lawn-man’s mower.  IT WAS OUR MOWER!!  Which could mean only one thing — Nyel had escaped!

It’s  been three extensive surgeries on his left leg and well over a year-and-a-half since Nyel has been on that rider mower.  His left leg is shorter by four inches than his right leg; he cannot yet put full weight on it.  Nor can he walk more than a few steps WITH his walker and wearing his specially built-up shoe.  Which were both in the bedroom where they had been since sheltering began and physical therapy stopped.  What the hell??

I went out to the garage to have a look.  There was his empty wheelchair and a blank space where there had been a mower.  Nearby was a battery charger and a (probably empty) gas can.  What the bloody hell??

On The Road Again!

The path between our east fence and the meadow — the path that Nyel likes to keep mowed to certain high standards that probably only mower-guys understand — had been freshly mowed.  That’s where the familiar noise had come from but all was quiet by the time I got there and no Nyel in sight.  What???

Then it started again — way down the street, along the verge  in front of Willard’s Bench.  Part of Nyel’s old “responsibilty” for the upkeep of the village — now mowed by other volunteers.  He looked so pleased with himself and so content on that mower!  Every bit of angst I might have  had was overwhelmed by a heart full of gladness,  Yay!  Let’s hear it for determination and grit and, ultimately for escape!

“How did you get from your wheelchair to the mower?” I asked him later.

“I hopped,” he said.  You should have seen his grin!


  1. Marion

    What a guy! Bet you were just beaming from ear to ear. We all would have loved to see Nyel on the mower, a thing he always has done except for a little interlude. Good going Nyel!

  2. Petra

    What a wonderful story, it made me laugh out loud, not haha funny but with joy.
    What a victory after endless setbacks. And Sydney’s reaction! No wonder they call them


    • sydney

      Me too, Petra! We are eagerly awaiting some decent weather so he can repeat the process!


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