All Quiet With A Promise of Boom

May 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Cannon on Display Again

Memorial Day was strangely quiet in Oysterville despite most of homeowners being in residence for the three-day weekend.  For the first time since 2010 there was no music at the church, no brunch at the schoolhouse hosted by Hal and Diane, and no big boom from the cannon.  I’m not even sure if the VFW had their traditional ceremony at the Oysterville Cemetery.

On the other hand, when I took flowers up to the Espy plot on Sunday, the Cemetery had never looked lovlier. The grass was freshly mowed, there were dozens of bouquets and flowering plants near grave markers old and new, and there were bright flags commemorating those who had  died in the service of our country.

For a few minutes I had the old burying ground completely to myself and I couldn’t help thinking of Willard’s book Skulduggery on Shoalwater Bay with its descriptive annotation: (Whispered Up from the Graves of the Pioneers.)   With so many friends and loved ones surrounding me in that place of peace and tranquility — there was nothing lonely or even sad about it.

Cannon on the Move

About mid-morning, in answer to General Nyel’s call for assistance, Lt. Tucker Wachsnuth arrived with his son Charley (a willing volunteer.)  They cheerfully transferred the Oysterville Honorary Militia’s cannon from its winter quarters (our garage) to its seasonal resting place in the garden north of the house.

The full-sized replica 1841 Mountain Howitzer is now ready for duties as assigned — “but probably not until Oysterville is no longer sheltering,” says the General.  “Meanwhile, keep your earplugs at the ready!”






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