All Puffed Up and You Should Be, Too!

Oct 11, 2023 | 0 comments

I do so hope you saw (and read!) the story on page A3 of today’s Chinook Observer!  I think every one of us, whether we read our weekly paper cover-to-cover or not, should be justifiably proud of its accomplishments.  After all, the news and features, advertisements and statistical information it presents each week is for us, about us, and often by those we know as neighbors and friends!

Week after week, Wednesday after Wednesday, through the good, bad and ugly times “the paper” documents our lives.  And behind every headline, every hard-won bit of information, and every potential controversy, is the steady hand of Editor Matt Winters.  At the Kennewick ceremony last week, 37 awards were amassed by our little weekly paper!  And how typical that Editor Winters reserved his own “news” for the very last line in the article:  “Winters was elected 2024-25 president of the press association.”

Other winners mentioned on the internet were:  Lynnwood Times – “up to a dozen awards;” Whidbey News-Times – “a record 25 awards;” Sequim Gazette – “earned 18 individual and team honors.” The annual awards were announced during the convention in Kennewick last Saturday. A total of 47 newspapers participated with nearly 1,300 entries in the news and photography categories.


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