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Jul 16, 2014 | 2 comments

Adelaide's by Jean Stamper

Adelaide’s by Jean Stamper

We often stop in at Adelaide’s for an afternoon coffee break. Sometimes it’s a dedicated trip for that purpose; sometimes we are ‘in the neighborhood’ doing errands in Ocean Park – maybe picking up a prescription at the pharmacy or getting a few needed items at Jack’s. But no matter when we stop in, our visit always seems enriched by more than coffee!

A few weeks ago, for instance, there was a new display by the counter featuring a greeting card by our Oysterville neighbor, Jean Stamper. Adelaide’s carries a number of Jean’s cards – in fact, there’s a whole rack full – but this one is of Adelaide’s itself. And, like its subject, it is charming. Well worth a special display we thought.

Garden Tour Brochure/Ticket

Garden Tour Brochure/Ticket

Yesterday we dropped in with a dual purpose in mind. Coffee, of course, and to pick up our tickets for this Saturday’s “Music in the Gardens 2014” Peninsula Garden Tour. The ‘tickets’ turn out to be a lovely brochure, complete with map and description of each of the ten gardens on display. Although we have talked to some of the musicians who will be playing, and we know a few of the folks whose gardens are listed, the majority of names are new to us.  We are looking forward to hearing the music, meeting the gardeners and, perhaps, learning a few new tricks that we can apply to our own place.

As I was giving Katie my coffee order – “the usual” – I was suddenly aware that Nyel was being embraced by an attractive woman who looked only vaguely familiar. Nyel re- introduced me to Kay Planting Porter (we had met once before years ago at Pauly’s Bistro) and she, in turn, introduced us to her family – her husband Ken, their two daughters ages 14 and 20, and Kay’s two sisters.

Kay and Nyel had worked with at PCC in Seattle thirty-five years ago and had subsequently traveled to Europe together. For eighteen years now, she and Ken and girls have lived in Austin, Texas, but they often vacation in the northwest and especially the Peninsula where Kay and her sisters came as children. Such a familiar story and one I never tire of hearing from Peninsula visitors!

"Dear Medora"

“Dear Medora”

They were sitting at “the big table” and asked us to join them. An hour or so went by in nothing flat. At one point Kay snuck off to the book section and bought a copy of Dear Medora.  As I autographed it, I suggested that they come over to “Medora’s house” for a quick tour – to make the book more meaningful! And the rest of the day floated by in a flurry of laughter and conversation and snippets of history.

It was a lovely and unexpected way to spend a summer afternoon.  And, over and over we all sang the praises of Adelaide’s where like-minded people are sure to meet! It’s definitely where it’s happening on the North End!


  1. Kathleen Shaw

    So glad for them that it’s working out. They bought Adelaide’s at a very hard time to buy a business, due both to the economy in general and the season in particular, and I know it’s been tough, so I’m glad things are going well for them.

    • sydney

      I think things are going very well indeed for us, the customers, I have no idea how things are going for Katie and Joel. Having been in the bookstore business, ourselves, we know the difficulties of that side of their business. For the sake of those of us who have made Adelaide’s a regular part of our lives, I wish them a solid bottom line!


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