About that grocery list…

Jan 20, 2019 | 1 comment

Nyel and Sydney, 2012

“It’s better to laugh than to cry” is always my motto.  Take yesterday, for instance.  Nyel and I were planning an “outing” (his term) to make the “dreaded CostCo run” (my term, especially right now since Nyel can’t leave the car without more wheelchair and walker fall-dee-rah than either of us can manage.)  I was doing the lunch cleanup; Nyel was sitting at the kitchen table making a shopping list.  This is how it went:

Me – I think we need tea.

Nyel – Pepper jack?

Me (a little louder) – No, not cheese.  Tea.  With a ‘T’.

Nyel – Oh, yes. Peas.  See if they have those little ones – the petite pois.

Me – (a lot louder) – No!  Tea!  Like what you drink now instead of coffee!

Both – gales of laughter.

Nyel and Sydney, 2018

We came home with the tea and the peas, but I forgot the cheese entirely.  Nyel already has hearing aids from CostCo but he hates them.  Unfortunately, they don’t have memory chips for humans yet, but if they did, I’d undoubtedly forget that, too.

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  1. Caroline Miller

    I’m with Nyel on the hearing aids! I like the small peas, too.


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