Aaron English On Tour… Here!

Sep 7, 2016 | 1 comment

Aaron English - FB Profile Picture

Aaron English – FB Profile Picture

It’s hard to miss a beat with Aaron English – at least not when you are listening to his music.  But an email last night from him saying he was on his way to stay here for a couple of nights was, apparently, another matter.  That was news to us – pleasant news but unexpected, nevertheless!

A quick search of communications with Aaron revealed that our last contact was April 10th following his stay here for a gig at the World Kite Museum.  Further searching revealed an April 1st email that said, “The good news: while reaching out to these other venues I managed to get some Long Beach gigs for September 8 & 9!”  I think I failed to connect the dots.  For sure I didn’t mark my calendar.

But all is well.  Clean sheets and towels are in place and we are clearing our calendar so we can see Aaron on Thursday afternoon at the Ocean Park Library.  Two o’clock!  Yay!  It was a no-brainer choice, our other option being a trek to South Bend for yet another Oysterville hearing that will no doubt be a slam dunk as usual.

A Crate of Instruments Headed to Africa

A Crate of Instruments Headed to Africa thanks to IYMP

Not only is Aaron a fine and innovative musician — a pianist — but he is passionate about his work with children and youth in Uganda and Kenya.  He has established a non-profit organization, the International Youth Music Project (IYMP) – a 501(c)(3) – to support his work with orphans & HIV/AIDS + kids in those countries and to give disadvantaged youth opportunities for self-expression through music, as well as educational opportunities in music business & audio/’video production.  Last spring, for instance, a gigantic crate of used and donated instruments ($50,000) worth was shipped from Seattle to Kenya under the auspices of the program.  And… so much more!          

If you don’t know Aaron, you should.  If you can possibly manage it, go to the Ocean Park Timberland Library tomorrow at 2:00 or to the Friday Market in Long Beach to hear him and, as an added bonus, perhaps talk with him about his work.  See you there!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I wish we could be there to see this lively product of Gig Harbor and the Peninsula School District! Besides being a fine singer/song writer, hw’s a great humanitarian!


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