A Wet and Watery Marathon

Jan 24, 2018 | 1 comment

Bay Avenue, Ocean Park – Yesterday

Four in the morning is a gawd-awful time to get up, even if your normal wake-up call comes at five.  But, yesterday we had to be in Seattle by 10:30 and we had a few things to do before we hit the road.  First, the take-your-meds and the usual cuppa-coffee-shower-get-dressed-eat-breakfast thing (which takes forever when you hit your eighties – trust me!).  Then my blog while Nyel put together a lunch-to-go.  And we were on the road by 5:45.

I even had time to check my email messages and take a quick look at FaceBook.  Say what!! There was a tsunami alert in the night?  I was glad to see it had been withdrawn and didn’t really have time to wonder why we didn’t know about it. All I thought was, “Just as well.  It’s going to be a long day, anyway.”

Collage Salon

We arrived at our Seattle destination – haircuts by Elizabeth for both of us – at ten and found a parking place right in front.  Despite the dark (read pitch-black to Artic) and the driving, relentless rain, there had been few delays on the way up.  We sat in the car and ate turkey sandwiches and snap peas and apples and drank decaf coffee from paper cups.  (Did I mention that, sack lunch or not, we take a thermos of decaf on every jaunt off the Peninsula?

We were beautiful by ten past noon and headed over to the University of Washington Medical Clinic where Nyel had some lab work done (blood draw: three vials) followed by an appointment with his new cardiologist(s) – the ‘Fellow” (who is woman) and the Head Honcho, himself.  A few adjustments to his meds, a discussion about the possibility of a CardioMEMS implant  (look it up or stay tuned for further developments) in February and a follow-up appointment in six months.  Yes, months.  Not weeks.  Suddenly, we weren’t as tired as we thought we were.

Dinner Stop

Homeward bound by 3:30.  A stop at Trader Joe’s in Olympia and another stop in Montesano for gas and dinner.  Dark. Rainy.  Home at 10:30.  Oh, and did I mention Nyel’s diuretics?  They are always a bit iffy but yesterday they chose to kick in with a vengeance!  Eleven pee stops.  Eleven!!!  Betcha didn’t know there were that many possibilities between here and Seattle.  It was a wet and watery marathon for sure!!

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  1. Marion Freshley

    How was the Fishing Hole Restaurant in Montesano? I recognized it as we drove by it on our way to the beach but never did try it out. You two certainly had a busy day yesterday going to Seattle for haircuts and a doctor appt. for Nyel. You would have been more than welcome stopping in here coming or going. Glad the tsunami alert didn’t turn out to be anything dire from the Alaska earthquake.


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