A Visit From The Deer People

Oct 9, 2023 | 1 comment

Mama Deer is just out of sight, no doubt waiting patiently…

Somehow, I felt their presence.  I was working in my office — no windows here, only book-lined walls, so it wasn’t a matter of movement catching my eye.  Nor of sound.  Just… a feeling.

I went into the bedroom and had a look out the bay windows to the north.  And there they were, a doe and her young offspring standing statue-still over on the Croquet Court (or what is probably more rightly called the Cannon Grounds these days.)  By the time I had my camera ready, Mama Deer was on the move, by then out of sight beyond the rhododendrons,  but her youngster was still foolin’ around.  “Kids will be kids!” I thought and felt a bit of motherly sympathy for Mama Deer.

Mom Checks Out Her Offspring’s Sore Leg

I rushed to the front door, went to the gate and looked up the street to see if, by then, they had both jumped the fence and were on their way.  But, no sign of them.  So I trotted up the road, past the house and looked into the Canon Grounds from the west side… and there they were!  Mom appeared to be tending to the youngster’s left leg and I wondered if this was the same little one that has been limping around town lately.  (He is definitely a young buck, as revealed by the antler buds visible in the photos I took!)

Scoping Out The Garden Goodies

They spent a while cruising the garden.  I could almost hear Mom telling her youngster about the pears that would appear on the ground after the next big windstorm.  They then ambled by both of the camellia bushes and scoped out the roses and geraniums, as well.  But, they weren’t doing any nibbling right then.  It must have been just a reconnaissance mission.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be back…

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