A Reason for Rejoicing

Jul 21, 2016 | 1 comment

Porch Roof, John Crellin House, 2015

Porch Roof, John Crellin House, 2012

Lately, there have been few reasons for collective celebrating here in Oysterville but, as of a few days ago, you could almost feel the whole town jumping up and down for joy!  The roofers have arrived and are swarming atop the John Crellin House.  It is, indeed, reason to rejoice!

The house was built in 1867 – not the oldest house in Oysterville and not unchanged over the years.  But it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the twelve “Primary” historic structures in the village.  Of those designated buildings, only eleven remain, and two of that number have been changed so much since the nomination in 1976 as to be unrecognizable.  We feared that the John Crellin House would soon disappear entirely.

Roofers at the John Crellin House, Juky 2016

Roofers at the John Crellin House, July 2016

I don’t think there is a single resident who has not expressed dismay over the last half-dozen years at the condition of the venerable old house.  We have talked among ourselves, tried to come up with solutions to the problem and have tried to put private ownership in context with a publicly acclaimed Historic District. Some of us have talked with the absentee owners and commiserated with them over their personal circumstances – horrific situations which have caused the appearance of ‘benign neglect’ of their place.

John Crellin House, 2009

John Crellin House, 2009

And now, at a time of confusion and angst for Oysterville as we try to foresee a future without our Design Review Board, help for the old house has arrived!  I can’t think of anything better for lifting village spirits and helping us all look on that elusive ‘bright side’ in the midst of anxious times!  Even our house seems pleased!

Ours is the Tom Crellin House – built in 1867 using the same plans by the younger brother of John.  As I look back upon the history of both houses, I can’t help but think “there but for the grace of God” goes our place.  Or any of the other old structures in town.  Surely, in addition to the town’s  current residents, there must be relief and joy among all of Oysterville’s ancestors. Once again things are looking up in the village!

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Only you, Sydney, could make an exciting saga over a new roof!


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