A Package from Ambrose

Feb 25, 2016 | 3 comments

Gordon's Ambrose

Gordon’s Ambrose

It was a bit unnerving yesterday to get a package with Ambrose drawn in the return address spot. Ambrose was Gordon Schoewe’s signature rabbit and the two of them have been gone since 2014. In fact, this will be the third birthday in almost more than forty years that I’ve celebrated without Gordon!

The package said clearly “Don’t open until February 28th!!!” and, of course, I paid no attention whatsoever. After all, when you get something that appears to be from The Great Beyond, all bets are off! Inside was a little “Happy Birthday” bag and inside that an even smaller mesh bag and inside that a teeny-tiny Pooh Bear with rabbit ears. He was holding a clock.

Outside The Box

Outside The Box

The hands of the hands of the clock point to the twelve and the five – may 5:00 and maybe 12:25. Either way, in Gordon’s case, could have been the cocktail hour – or, actually the right time for a martini! Of all the rabbits in Gordon’s collection, this is one I don’t remember ever seeing and, as it turns out… no wonder!

Card from Karen and 'Unc'

Card from Karen and ‘Unc’

The accompanying card from Gordon’s niece Karen was perfect – a rabbit popping out of a magician’s hat saying, “Oh no! Not Again!” and the message inside tugged at my heartstrings. It seems that Gordon kept this little fellow in his clock to ‘keep an eye on the place’ – signed “With Love, Karen and Unc.”

Its new place of honor is on (not in) my grandfather’s tall case clock – a constant reminder of love and laughter and good times and Gordon! Thanks, Karen!


  1. Karen

    Happy Happy Birthday!! You are very welcome and in the words of Grama… “You don’t know what old is”. ?

  2. Cate Gable

    Sweet sweet!


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