A New Christmas Dress for Oysterville

Dec 15, 2013 | 5 comments

Oysterville Christmas Lights 2012

Oysterville, Christmas 2012

We’ve had several inquiries about whether or not it is “time to make the trip to Oysterville?”  The questions came from people who loved last year’s lighted snowflake decorations or who missed them entirely and were hoping to see them this season.  As of yesterday we can say, “Come on over!  Oysterville is all dressed for the Season and looking spectacular!”


Christmas Helper Elf, Tom Douglas

However, don’t come expecting snowflakes.  That was “so last year.”  This year’s outfit centers on the Oysterville Church.  Bradley, the Christmas Elf, brought garlands and lights and his Helper Elf, Tom, draped them along the building’s eaves.  By day, they look festive; by night, they look spectacular!

We were outside clapping and cheering and holding our breath (well, I was) as Tom climbed that tall, tall ladder to get the garland in place on the north roof peak.  Like the Grande Dame that she is, the church stood placidly and let her dressers do all the work.  Well, make that dresser, singular.  As Head Elf, Bradley remained on solid ground calling directions up to his fearless assistant.

Oysterville Church, December 2013

Oysterville Church, December 2013

When all was said and done, they had twenty-five feet of garland (no lights) left over.  We were the lucky recipients.  It was just the right amount to deck the eaves of our dining room/kitchen.  In my mind, it sort of tied the house and church together and made a visible ‘connection’ to the time (1892-1902) when this house served as the parsonage for the church.

I doubt that either church or parsonage ever had such lovely dresses back then.  But, I don’t think Oysterville had a Christmas Elf in those days, either.  Thanks for brightening yet another holiday, Bradley!


  1. Linda J

    Wow! Can’t wait to see this!

  2. Greg Rogers

    Hats off to Bradley for all he does (and spends!) to make our town look even more special year after year!

  3. Stephanie

    Any plans for an Oysterville Church Christmas Eve service?

  4. Abby

    The church looks beautiful!!!

  5. Linda Schell

    Beautiful pictures of the church. My favorite is the one with all the snow. I hope you have solved your heating problems at the church.

    Best wishes from Venice, Florida!


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