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Aug 26, 2011 | 3 comments

The Girls

     When I was a kid, summer in Oysterville was all about picking blackberries and splashing around at the bay and playing with friends Johnny and Ruthie, Peter and Judy.  During the next generation, Oysterville seemed to be about exploring the cemetery, picnics at the beach, and finding garter snakes in the lane.
     All those things are probably still true for today’s kids except, of course, there are no Oysterville children to play with.  You need to bring your own playmates – sisters or brothers or cousins or friends – or hope that your visit coincides with someone’s grandchildren being at the house down the road.
     Some kids have their own particular favorite part of Oysterville.  For little Amelia Wachsmuth it’s the church.  She and a handy adult make the pilgrimage several times each day she’s in town.  As she was sitting in one of the pews the other day, Grandpa Tucker asked if that particular pew was her favorite.
     “Yes,” she told him.  And after a thoughtful pause she added, “And that one.  And that one.  And that one…” as she pointed around the church.
     It is somewhat amazing to us that our chickens are right up there as Oysterville favorites with many of the younger set.  When Sarah and Josh visit Grandma Carol, they always stop by several times to see “the girls.”  So does Owen Bays who is also our Number One Egg Gatherer when he’s here.
     And yesterday, our girls reached some sort of pinnacle of success.  They were actually one of the destinations on the Red House Cousins’ scavenger hunt.  The clue that brought the children here was something like “Cluck Cluck, Peep Peep.  Here you gather eggs to eat.” 
     The three- and four-year-old set got that right away.  The clue they found at the coop said something about an owl and they were back to the Red House in a flash.  A toy?  A picture?  A real stuffed owl?   Next time we see them, I’ll ask.
     I’m glad our chickens are on the visiting circuit.  Maybe they will be among the Oysterville memories of this new generation of kids when they are my age.  And maybe Nyel and I will be there for them, too, – sort of shadowy characters in the background.  That’s how I remember Grandma Wachsmuth and Uncle John Heckes and the other old folks of seventy years ago.   Those memories through a kid’s eye are the best!


  1. Nancy

    Another “fave” to savor as I reflect on both the past and present of Oysterville. The future? It will write itself with help from the new villagers through the lens of the village historian.

  2. Ann

    Just this week I was reading a book on Homes of the Northwest–can’t remember the exact title. Imagine my surprise when I read of the “cabin” you and Nyel built. So interesting! What a lovely home it was/is, so cozy and inviting. Is it occupied now?

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    I am jealous of you and your chickens. I think I’ve said that before.


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