A Heart Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 15, 2017 | 1 comment

Dinner for Kings and Queens of Hearts

I’m not so sure our Valentine’s meal last night would make it onto Nyel’s heart healthy diet, but it surely was a dinner worth sinning (just a little) for!  Besides, the night before, Cuzzins Cheryl and Virg had brought chicken (that Virg barbequed on our Weber grill) and all the trimmings, right down to dessert-on-a-stick that was about as ‘heart’ily correct as you can get –   pieces of fruit that Cheryl had pre-cut into heart shapes!  Festive, delicious, healthy!

In fact, it was the dessert that made us think that we should really continue our visit (and our eating) on Valentine’s Day – this time, Nyel and I would ‘do’ dinner.  We had been hankerin’ for cracked crab so, after Nyel made a huge coleslaw salad, we buzzed off to the Crab Pot and splurged on four luscious looking crabs, backed and cleaned and ready to go.  We added a couple of baguettes and it was a dinner fit for the Kings and Queens of Hearts!

Let’s get cracking!

Three ounces of steamed Dungeness crab is said to be “heart healthy” but, of course, we have no idea what the meat of an entire crab weighs.  We are certain that the quantity each of us ingested must have ranked as Sin#1.  As far as calorie count and cholesterol (the bad kind) go, we might have been okay, but in the matter of salt… Sin#2 for sure!

The scales corroborated our fears in that department this morning – two pounds up for each of us.  (That amount of overnight weight gain, according to the cardiologists, is directly attributable to water retention which, in this case no doubt, can be directly attributed to salt intake.)

Heart Happy and Healthy Dessert-on-a-Stick

Today and moving forward we will redouble our vigilance.  But it surely is nice to bask in the memory of that heart happy meal with good friends!

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  1. Chris jensen

    Sounds like the regimen is strict, but you’re finding delicious ways of dealing with it. Best wishes to you both. Hoping Nyel continues to do well.


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