A Good Day to Slash and Burn

Nov 26, 2012 | 1 comment

Yesterday dawned clear and frosty here in Oysterville.  No wind.  “It looks like a good day to slash and burn,” we said over morning coffee.

I slashed.  Nyel burned.  Other than the fact that we were both outside working, our activities were non-related.  My slashing had to do with the flowerbeds – Shasta Daisies and Black-eyed Susans that had not yet been cut back.  Nyel’s burn pile, located out in the meadow, had been growing skyward since last year’s Christmas tree.  (YIKES!)

Each time I filled my cart, Nyel kindly took a break and dumped its contents, not on the smoking burn pile but strewn out over a large area of the meadow where it will decompose during the winter.  The burn pile is reserved the big stuff – tree limbs and serious sized brush.  Not on my list of To Do’s till Spring.

After two hours and three cartfuls, I was through.  Unhappily, my job was not.  The chickens, who had been enjoying my progress, scolded me gently for abandoning my half-finished project.  I assured them that I’d be back another day.

On the other side of the garden fence, however, Nyel kept tending his fire.  The pile took most of the day to burn down, not because of its size, especially, but because it has been well rain-soaked already this autumn.  It was mostly smoking itself into oblivion.   It would have burned in a trice in August or September but during those months, of course, the burn ban was in effect.

By bedtime, we could no longer see the glow of coals from our windows.  Even so, Nyel hobbled down with his cane to check it out.  Good thing, too.  This morning the wind is up – not a good day for burning.  Slashing, however, is another matter.  We’ll see…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I am sure you miss your garden help.


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