A Giant Step (sideways?) for Nyel

Nov 7, 2017 | 1 comment

Nyel in the ER

Yesterday could easily have been another day from hell but, so far, it seems that it was all about taking a step in the right direction.  Nyel is at Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) in Astoria – a familiar skip and a hop from Oysterville!  He was admitted through the ER and it took the combined efforts (in a way) of our local Ocean Beach Hospital (OBH) plus Dr. God at Emanuel Hospital plus Dr. Consultant at OHSU plus Dr. Cardiologist at CMH to get that to happen!

The ‘process’ (if you can call such a happenstance of occurrences a ‘process’) began with a regularly scheduled blood draw at OBH.  After our experience on Friday (when the results took from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to be transmitted to Dr. God’s office at EH in Portland!  As we know from many, many procedures, minutes and hours are critical and we knew even then that Nyel was on a downhill trajectory.  Enter:  The Weekend and the Slippery Slope.

Bonding Time

So… when the lab folks at OH told Nyel yesterday a.m.  that it would be noon at the earliest that they could get the 8:00 draw’s results to EH, I went into my Great-Big-Noisy-Fuss (GBNF) mode a la Ramona Quimby of Beverly Cleary fame.  I went (read marched) to the front desk, got connected to the Lab Manager, told him that all explanations of “automated fax,” “new system,” “unable to fax the old-fashioned way” and blah-blah-blah were unacceptable and that we would be waiting in the lobby for him to tell us that all the damned problems were solved.  (I think I could probably be heard clear in Portland; I was furious.)

Ten minutes (by the clock) later, Mr. Lab Manager came out from his hidey hole, all smiles, and said he had found a way to override the system and that Dr. God’s office now had the information they needed.  While waiting to hear the verdict from Portland, we proceeded across the river to get a bag of chicken-feed-of-a-different-brand, having been told that it might solve our girls’ laying problems.  At first Brim’s wouldn’t sell it to us – said our ‘problem’ was simply that our hens were too old.  I made another GBNF and I’m happy to say the new sack of feed is in the trunk of the car.

Just about that time, Dr. God’s nurse called and said to go directly to the ER at Columbia Memorial.  Nyel’s ‘numbers’ were critical.  We went.  They were expecting us (Praise Be!).  We checked in at 11:15.  Many steps and staff members later – taking vital signs, another blood draw, nurses, a nurse practitioner, the ER doctor – and Nyel was told to get dressed; he was ‘not critical.’  Say what???   It was 2:30ish.

Just a Hop and a Skip

As we waited for his discharge papers, the CM cardiologist on duty came in.  She was in a hurry but spoke to us briefly, took a quick look at Nyel’s juggler vein and his distended belly, said something to the effect, “he’s critical, admit him” and… there he is!  I stayed long enough to have an early dinner with him and got home shortly after dark…

Nyel called this morning to say things are going ‘according to plan’ and it sounds as though he’ll be there several days!  Stay tuned…

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  1. Cate Gable

    Sydney: critical…not critical…critical….OMG! Thank goodness for your GBNF. Keep it up!


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