A Day of Contrasts

Jan 12, 2017 | 1 comment

News Conference, 1-11-2017

Thank goodness George Orwell’s Thought Police (“Thinkpol” in Newspeak in his novel 1984) have not yet materialized in this old world of ours.  Or, at least, not that we know of.  I’m pretty sure that if they were ensconced in our lives, I would have been under arrest before bedtime last night.  It was watching news clips from our President-Elect’s news conference that pushed me to the brink.

There is no doubt in my mind (the font of my evil thoughts) that Mr. Tweety will, indeed be running his corporate mega-world in concert with his duties as President.  He is confident that he can and, so far, it doesn’t seem that he’s been serious about putting an alternate plan in place.  In fact, I truly believe that he thinks our country can just fall under the umbrella of his corporate holdings.

Meanwhile, our “leadership” dithers and tries to carry on “as usual.”  Inauguration Day is looming and I’ve heard no ultimatums put out there.  No lines drawn in the sand.  No serious plans for holding to the traditions and Constitutional requirements for the Presidency.  It’s all gray areas and my personal gray matter is stretched beyond endurance.  Don’t tell the Thought Police!!!

A Community Historian Session with Kathleen Sayce

By contrast, yesterday morning marked the beginning of Year Five of our Community Historian classes.  There are seventeen taking the class this time around – a wonderful mix of those who have taken it once or twice (or even four!) times before and new people to the class and even to our community.  Everyone is enthusiastic and committed to learning more about Pacific County history and finding ways to tell others all about it.  By now, we have a strong cadre of ‘experts’ concerning one aspect or another of our history – the portages, the jetties, heritage fruit trees, the provenance of Seaview ‘cottages,”  you name it!   All those and more came up yesterday as areas of interest and focuses for continuing research.

Why are we community historians so passionate about our past?  Is it that we hope to learn from it and thus avoid some of the pitfalls we can see coming?   Or… are we taking refuge in the times that are safely behind us?  Are we avoiding a look into that cloudy crystal ball that tweets and equivocates and twists the truth?

Whatever the reasons, maybe the ‘other Washington’ needs a Community Historian group.  Is no one at the seat of our government paying attention to our country’s history – to say nothing of the history of other republics that crashed and burned once-upon-a-time?  Is there no one who is interested in where we’ve gone wrong or what we’ve done right over the years of our own republic? And is there no one with enough moxie to just say “NO!” and do something about it?

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  1. Ruth maloney

    Why can’t someone say NO to his treatment of Brotman who has been our inaugural parade announcer for 11 presidents. It makes my thoughts SCREAM. Please do not tell the “bad thoughts police”!


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