A Continuing Saga

Sep 6, 2018 | 0 comments

Let The Work Begin

The final step (I hope to goodness) in the Great Septic Upgrade Saga began yesterday.  First, came Eugene, one of the Beach Time landscaping guys.  Next came three truckloads of dirt – yards and yards of it.  I don’t know how many.  It’s easier just to think of it as it appears – three big piles in the middle of our drain field.

Next, Eugene brought the skip loader that he had at-the-ready in the lane.  The plan, he said, is to feather out the dirt so that there it will blend gradually with the rest of the lawn.  He made a few passes at the east end and then, apparently, his workday was over and he disappeared, leaving his equipment neatly parked and at the ready for today.

Poised for Work

Eventually (I think) there will be a layer of topsoil and then the new lawn will be seeded and the watering will begin.  I hope the sprinklers will be set up to operate on some sort of a timer.  However it all works, I look forward to a healthy lawn before too many more months go by.  I should say a healthy lawn in that particular area of the yard.  The rest of our lawn will no doubt suffer mightily from the green grass envy syndrome.

In Pre-Saga Days

Not only is our existing lawn brown in many spots due to summer drought conditions (plus a healthy dose of benign neglect by the homeowners) but even the green parts are largely green-not-grass.  I’ve gradually come to terms with that green-not-grass.  With my ever-dimming eyesight, it looks pretty good from afar – very acceptable when one considers the alternative.

And then there are the totally bare spots.  Moles, the removal of a tree, and who knows what else have taken their toll.  I’ve been watering like crazy and Nyel has scattered a little grass seed in spots, but it is slow going (make that growing.)  I’ve trained myself not to look down when it comes to the local vista.

Hopefully, all will blend together seamlessly and (mostly) effortlessly on our part.  Probably wishful thinking but hope still springs eternal when it comes to such matters.  Also… we aren’t mentioning any of this to the girls.  They’ll no doubt wonder about being cooped up (so to speak) for the next few months but Farmer Nyel says there are priorities. Even when it comes to chickens.


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