A Chance To Get It Right

Aug 10, 2011 | 2 comments

Seaview Depot, 1916

     Yesterday the Jankes, our up-the-street-neighbors, held a ‘Coffee’ for Nancy Gorshe who is a candidate for a position on the Ocean Beach Hospital Board of Commissioners.  Knowing Nancy primarily as proprietor (with husband Michael Lalewicz) of the Depot Restaurant, I was more than a little curious.  I came away convinced and enthusiastic.
     “Few people realize that I was a health care professional for thirty years,” she told me.  “It’s my husband who has been in the restaurant business.  I was just a restaurant hobbyist.”
     Hobbyist, indeed!  As a diner at the Depot Restaurant in Seaview, I have experienced Nancy’s gracious competence as the hands-on-hostess-manager.  If she’s this good at something that began as a “hobby,” she must be terrific in her chosen field!
     I was particularly impressed with her knowledge about our aging population – twice the number here at the beach as in average communities – and of their health care needs and, specifically, the services our hospital can provide.  Not just pie-in-the-sky talk, either, but informed considerations with good understanding of bottom lines and profit margins and all those areas that hospital commissioners truly need to know about.
     As usual when I talk with Nancy, I resisted the urge to hang my head in shame.  When my book North Beach Peninsula’s IR&N came out a few years back, the huge mistake that jumped out at us immediately – and there always is one; ask any author – was that I had located the Depot Restaurant in Chinook!  Yikes!  Since the first discovery of that monumental error, Nancy has never mentioned it to me – another testimony to her very professional “let’s move ahead” attitude.
   As one of the ‘elderly set’ in our community, I’m sure I would feel comfortable knowing Nancy was representing me on the Ocean Beach Hospital board.  I will definitely vote for her.  (And that’s another curious thing – all of us on the peninsula can vote for her, yet she’ll officially ‘represent’ those of us who live at the North End.  Same as the voting/representation arrangement for the school board.  I don’t really understand how that works… but it’s a subject for another day.)


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Despite the fact that we are taxpayers in Ilwaco, because we are not fulltime residents we cannot vote in elections at all. The problems with Ocean Beach Hospital are many, serious, and a source of consternation for us as aging Boomers so it is encouraging to know that someone competent is running for a position of authority in that venue. My family’s experience with OBH has not always been what it ought to be. It was bad enough to lead my cousin and aunt to begin using Columbia Memorial ER in Astoria for emergencies and even to find regular medical care. Staff at Columbia Memorial have told me that a number of people from the Peninsula come to Astoria for treatment rather than go to OBH. I wish Ms. Jankes good luck in her run and look forward to having more peace of mind regarding OBH in the future.
    PS Thanks for posting the picture. I never realized that there were that many buildings around the Depot! Does that mean that Seaview was more than a whistle stop??

  2. Nancy Gorshe

    Sydney, thank you so much for your support! I greatly appreciate your posting here on your blog….and sorry I am reading so late. Very fun about the book!

    Stephanie, I appreciate being able to read your story about family wanting to cross the river….I understand and I just want to help our hospital create confidence in our community hospital so people can stay closer to receive immediate care they may need. 15 minutes can make a great difference in emergencies!

    Yes, Seaview was a great metropolis. We have some wonderful historic pictures, shared with us from the Columbia Heritage Museum, on our restaurant wall of the commercial zone of Seaview. The Clamshell Railroad really made Seaview a “big” city!


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