A Case of Arrested Development?

Jul 22, 2020 | 2 comments

Judging by the “message” and, perhaps, by the handwriting, I’d say the graffiti on the CLOSED sign at the church was done by someone with about an eight-year-old’s mentality.  If it was an eight-year-old in my classroom, they’d earn a barely passing grade for the handwriting part.  But I think it was probably done by an adult who is still confused between handwriting methods — D’Nealian or stick-and-ball?  Not a good example of either.  Plus the arrow and the ellipsis are a bit more sophisticated than most eight-year-olds might do.  A bit.

As for the message, itself… it was probably intended to be funny or clever.  Presumably, a message conveys news, advice, or a request.  I guess this is “advice” albeit advice to break the law.  Definitely an eight-year-old’s mentality.  Let’s put it up for a vote.  Clever or stupid?

I imagine it was done by a disgruntled tourist although an ORF Board Member suggested it was probably a disgruntled neighbor.  I’m not aware that any of the neighbors have ever used the church on a regular basis for saying prayers or even for quiet meditation and we have no eight-year-olds living in town.  So I’m discounting that suggestion.  Mostly.

I’ve replaced the sign.  I wonder how long the new one will last.  I’m thinking one replacement is enough.  Any more is way above my pay grade.


  1. Tracy Richards

    I just love your blog. I can’t help but think this might be related to CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle. I was recently in Seattle and there was so much graffiti. People these days aren’t respectful.

    • sydney

      You are so right! I probably shouldn’t have blogged about it. I’m getting flack for being “judgemental” among other things. Like now we should be accepting of everything??? I despair!


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