A Bit of Local Color?

Aug 3, 2018 | 0 comments

I might have missed it if Tucker hadn’t pointed it out when he dropped us off the other morning.  We had been to the Cowboy Breakfast, Tucker driving, and consequently we were using the front gate.  There on the gatepost was a bit of bright color which turned out to be a painted rock.  I wondered how long it had been there.  We usually come and go through the garage.

The scene painted on the rock was cheerful and vaguely reminiscent of another such ‘gift.’  My mind being as it is these days, I couldn’t quite remember… Hadn’t there been a painted rock on the table by the front door? Or maybe two?  Were they left by a friend?  It was all a shadowy memory…

A few days later, a message came via Facebook from a facebook friend I’ve never met.  “Did you happen to find the painted rock I left on your front gate?  Last weekend?” she wrote.  “I dropped one at the base of the flagpole at the church… also by the oyster midden at Willabay… also one gone traveling at Chief Nahcotti’s grave… and left one for Caitlin in Anita’s.  GRAVE…”

Oh my!  I Googled painted rock and found a score of sites:  “Painted Rocks – The Creative Project Sweeping the Nation,” written in 2017; “Painted Rock Life: The Home of Painting Hiding & Finding Rocks,” apparently an ongoing blog on the subject; and oh, so many more.    One site said that rock painting had been thought up as a way to empower women.  Another claimed that rock painting is connecting communities.  There are groups of rock painters nationwide inviting any and all of us to join.  Oh my!  Again!

Later, I happened to turn the rock over and found that the back was painted as well.  A message telling me what to do next.   I was glad for the instruction.  Otherwise, it’s hard to know with rocks


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