A Birthday to Remember After All!

Mar 1, 2014 | 1 comment

Birthday Bouquet from Charlie

Birthday Bouquet from Charlie

If the number doesn’t end in a five or zero, we no longer make a big deal about birthdays.  Yesterday’s ended in an eight for me – I’m still debating whether the first number should be a six or a seven – so, from the get-go, it promised to be a quiet day.

It began as usual with coffee in bed, the only unusual part being Nyel’s croaky rendition of “Happy birthday to you” as he woke me up.  He seldom sings – says he can’t – and sometimes I agree with him but on this occasion it was perfect!  We thought about going out to lunch but I was working on Gordon’s obituary for the paper and wanted to get it done, so we decided upon a coffee at Adelaide’s instead.

Later in the afternoon a lovely, summery bouquet arrived from Charlie, via Artistic Bouquets and More… which made me laugh a little. I had sent some long-stemmed roses to him at the Archway Theater in L.A. for last night’s opening of Pygmalion.  The Family Flower Exchange…

Birthday Card from Gordon

Birthday Card from Gordon

We had a lovely group of “the usual suspects” for our Friday Night gathering, some of whom brought cards and some of whom had no clue (thank goodness!)  Betsy came laden down – not only with a card and gift but with a pile of things she had picked up that afternoon at Gordon’s.  She had been there collecting some final bequests to the Heritage Museum and offered to bring the little stack of things that had been set aside for me.

Inside the Card

Inside the Card

On the very top was a card with my name on it… in Gordon’s writing!  Just when I had written in yesterday’s blog that it was the first time in thirty-five years that there would be no card from him, here it came – all ready and addressed ahead of time.  In fact, since he hadn’t been home since the beginning of January, no telling when he prepared for my birthday.  Talk about a guy who was organized!

Had the situation been different and had the card not been from Gordon, there might have been some hesitancy on my part about opening it.  But Gordon’s cards were invariably funny, often even outrageous.  No false sentimentality would be lurking in that envelope!  So I opened it eagerly.  It was the biggest Gordon chuckle of any Friday night since he had been here in person.  And, wouldn’t you know, once again, the evening was all about Gordon! ” Sex God” indeed!

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  1. Cuzzin Ralph

    A belated birthday greeting! ( I really messed up because I have all information on birthdates in my genealogy database, but I should set it up to send me reminders) And what a birthday greeting from Gordon! When I saw his pic in the speedo I thought how much he had a resemblance to the actor Robert Loggia. As a cat person myself I am looking forward to meeting Gordon’s puddy tat Asa/Osa who you have so graciously adopted.


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