A Bevy of Beauties

Jul 6, 2012 | 0 comments

Four beautiful young girls, all with lovely names – Sofia, Athena, Phoebe, and Frances – came calling yesterday afternoon.  They had each been given a Dear Medora book and they had come to get an autograph.

It was Fred Accuardi, our Red Cottage neighbor, who is grandfather to Sofia and long-time ‘might-as-well-be-grandpa’ to the other three, who had presented them with the books that very morning.  Fred had told me long ago about purchasing the books for them.  He said he was just waiting for the perfect occasion to make his gift.  The girls were all in town for the holiday so the moment had arrived!

I took the four of  them on a quick tour of the house, pointing out some of the places and things they would ‘meet’ in the book – a sort of first-hand orientation to Medora’s world.  I suggested that they come back after they’ve finished reading so we can talk a bit about the girl that was just about their age a hundred years ago.

Two of the girls were sixteen – the age Medora was toward the end of the book.  Two of them were twelve, the age I was when I discovered her diary in one of the drawers in an upstairs bedroom.  It was that discovery that led me to write her story more than forty years later.

Shortly before Dear Medora was published, the marketing folks at WSU Press suggested that the book be aimed at teens and young adults.  I discouraged that idea, thinking (probably wrongly) that is was more suited to adults.  I will be very interested to see if my four young visitors do, indeed, read the book and, if so, what they think about it,

Whether or not they follow up about the book, I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with them.  The parents of two of them are the new owners of the Captain Stream House and the erstwhile Oysterville Guest House.  I wish them all a long and fulfilling association with Oysterville.


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