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Nov 20, 2019 | 1 comment

Betty and Sydney, September 2019

It was in September — just a few days before Our Grand Affair — that Betty Paxton and daughters met me at Adelaide’s for coffee.  They were in town briefly on their way home from a trip to Alaska.  I felt honored that they had time for a chat with me!

Afterwards, they came up to Oysterville to say “hello” to Nyel.  As an extra serendipity, they visited for a bit with Charlie and Marta who had arrived the day before to help with the “getting ready” for our  celebration of the house’s 150th.  “That’s even older than you are, Betty!”  I teased.  “Hard to believe.”

Sydney and Betty, September 2019

I was so pleased that my “kids” were, at last, able to meet Betty and her daughters.  They are all role models  — Betty for her extraordinarily enthusiasm for whatever life presents and her children for making it possible for her to continue interacting with the world on an everyday basis.  No “old folks home” for Betty, thanks to her family!  (Were you paying attention, C and M?)

Yesterday, Jan sent me some pictures that were taken that day.  My first thought was “Which twin has the Toni?”  In case you are too young to remember, that was the theme of a very successful ad  campaign in the 1940s.  “Which twin has the Toni?” challenged the public to pick which twin had a hair perm done in a beauty salon, and which had used a Toni do-it-yourself kit.

Ad from the 1940s

Not that I have ever had either kind of a permanent — not with my difficult, naturally curly, problem hair.  I don’t know about Betty.  But it was the look-alike aspect  — both white-headed, both short, both dressed somewhat the same, both “of an age,” and both smiling — that prompted my thought.  (Apologies, Betty!  I hope you aren’t insulted!)

I hope we can do it again, soon!

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  1. Betty/Jan Paxton

    Sydney, you make us sound like celebrities when we are just normal beachcombers! As for us, you and your writing has (ala Emma Bombeck) has always been a delight! Thank you for the fun article! It was indeed a priceless visit! Love ya! ?


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