Jun 26, 2010 | 4 comments

“Oysterville” by Sydney Stevens

     The long anticipated day of my Oysterville book launch has arrived, though it has not yet dawned.  I’m wide awake reviewing lists of things that need to be done but many await a look at the day.  Will we be inside or outside?  Or both?  The weatherman says “partly cloudy” just as he has for the past several days.  On Thursday that meant glorious sunshine.  Yesterday it meant misty-moisty with a hint of rain.  Today remains to be seen.  Literally.
     I think the hardest part of preparing for any event is the final pulling together.  There are tablecloths to iron, flowers to cut and arrange, platters to fill with cookies.  Bowls for the strawberries?  Enough champagne glasses and coffee cups?  What to wear?  What!?  Rain?  New plan…
     And so the thoughts race through my mind when I really should be thinking about what I want to say to the folks who gather at the church at 2:00 to hear my ‘talk.’  Who will come?  Will they be friends who have already heard my pearls of wisdom (well, make that one pearl) about this book?  Or will they be strangers who really don’t know much about the village and only want to satisfy their curiosity?  Do I follow my script or tailor my talk as I go?
     With a lifetime of parties and talks and events under my belt, so to speak, I still get what my children called “tummy wiggles” just beforehand.  But, when all is said and done, I am confident that it will be a day to remember and I will have had a great time.  I’ll try to hold that thought for the next few frenzied hours.  Hope to see you then!


  1. Vivian Wattum

    Oh Sydney, you will be wonderful and all the right words will just tumble out.

  2. Linda J

    Congratulations on the debut of “Oysterville”! After being around for some of the time the book was being crafted and feeling the excitment around it, I’m so sorry I can’t be there for the celebration. I look forward to hearing all the details. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best wishes for a memorable, perfect day. Well done!

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    I am sure that the day will be wonderful regardless of the weather. The magic of Oysterville and being transportated back in time for a little while will make it enchanting. Congratulations on the completion of this most recent work which I look forward to reading.


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