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May 15, 2024 | 1 comment

First of all — a big thank you to all of you who have taken a moment to tell me that you have enjoyed (or learned from or been amazed or amused by} some of the Saints or Sinners stories I’ve been writing for the Observer.  (And, no, the series hasn’t ended.  I missed my deadline for this week’s paper but ( the editor willing), they’ll be up and running again with the next edition of the paper.! 

I wish I could also thank all of those folks who led such rich and interesting lives that we can enjoy reading about all these years later.  Especially, I’d have a big hug or two for those who left accounts of their exploits in their own words — in letters or journals or legal testimony — some method by which we feel a closeness to them and to their adventures.

In my opinion, first-hand accounts give the very best picture of the past.  In eariier times, of course, that picture may have been a bit skewed since all men and women were not literate and did not have the luxury of recording their activities.  But these days, and especially in this country, where we are all entitled to a basic education… Well, you get my point.  If you’d like YOUR story told (and told accurately) the best way is to pick up your pen and begin.

If you’d like to take up the challenge — or at least give it a shot — please come to my Memoir Writing Workshop.  It’s quick and easy — a way to get you started writing down the stories of your own past that you’d like your children or grandchildren or just the-word-in-general to know about sone day.  The workshop is free. It’s fun. And it’s a one-time only offer — because I truly believe that our stories are tomorrow’s history!.

Just bring a pencil and a willingness to have fun.  I’ll supply the paper and a few ideas to get us underway!





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  1. Cuzzin Ralph

    Cuzzin Sydney, It’s great that you are offering this opportunity! Myself , in my dotage, recall memories from my childhood at odd moments (even if I can’t remember what I did yesterday!) and always try to write them down. And I’ve immensely enjoyed helping you with research on some of those Saints and Sinners stories and other projects. It is important to record our histories. Often history repeats itself in not so appropriate ways—so let us learn how to learn from the past not to repeat those mistakes as well as to celebrate past achievements!


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