Will I see you in Surfside on Wednesday?

Apr 15, 2023 | 0 comments

Announcement in the Surfside Weekender

I think this might be a first!  I’ve been asked to speak to a group of neighbors about the history of Oysterville!  I’ll be talking at the Surfside Business Office on Wednesday, April 19th at 2:00.  So says an announcement in the Surfside Weekender that goes out to all the Surfside members.  I wonder if anyone will be there…

I’ve written many newspaper and magazine articles about Oysterville, have written two books and many stories about Oysterville , and have even taught week-long Elderhostel classes about Oysterville.  But I don’t think I’ve ever given a “talk” about its history.  You’d think it’d be a no-brainer, but I’m not so sure.

Tommy and Irene Nelson’s Cannery, Oysterville

For one thing — no parameters.  “How long a talk are you thinking about?” I asked.  “Whatever you’re comfortable with,” was the kind response.  Hmmm.    “And how many people might be there?” I wondered,  “No idea.  Could be four.  Could be forty.”  Hmmm.

Well… no problem.  I love the story of how Oysterville was founded — after all it involved my great-grandfather.  And I love telling about the early days when law and order might have been a bigger problem than it is now.  And how the South Bend Raiders stole the county seat!  And what it was like when I was a kid — before there was a place called Surfside or a State Park at the end of Stackpole Road.

Jimmy Kemmer, Judy Heckes and ‘Aunt Rye’ at the Oysterville Approach, c. 1940

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday afternoon!  Bring your questions and I’ll try to answer them — or find out and get back to you!  But I have the feeling that most of you know as much as I do about Oysterville — after all, we’re not even a spit nor a holler away!





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