Who writes that stuff, anyway? Jeezslyolblueshitwine!

Jun 17, 2024 | 3 comments

I guess I’ve been putting off reading that slick little freebie that comes with the paper each year.  “The Discovery Coast” it’s called now. (Maybe it always has been called that, but I have discovered that I dread seeing it arrive and have repressed even its beginnings and its name.)  I guess it’s aimed at the tourists (with the full endorsement of the local business community) but I really, literally, viscerally HATE it.

Probably not all of it.  But definitely the part the deals with Oysterville.  That’s where I turn first and each year I wonder if I’ll have a stroke right then and there or what.  WHO WRITES THAT STUFF???

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life researching. reading, writing,  teaching, talking about the history of this corner of Washington and (in case you’ve not noticed) in particular, THE HISTORY OF OYSTERVILLE. And just about the time that I got fairly confident that I knew what I was talking about,THE DISASTERY COAST began writing a mishmashed mess about our history.

R.H.’s Statement About Arriving “Oysterville”

At first,  I tried to be reasonable.  (It helped a lot that Nyel was here and he was an extremely reasonable sort.)  I talked to our locaL newspaper editor about the errors and I may have even suggested that maybe I might contribute the Oysterville information next time.  (I hasten to say that our Editor is one of my favorite all-time people.  I love his sense of humor, his interest in history, and his absolutely exquisite turn of phrase when he has the time to turn it…)  But, I have never made one inch of progress toward getting the record corrected in respect to this particular problem.

And as we all know, once it’s in print…. it’s a fact.  When it’s been in print in one version or another for 15 or 20 years, it’s probably in some DNA category of fact.  So… mostly I’m writing this to avoid succumbing to a stroke.  If you have been reading my Saints or Sinners stories each week, a few of the errors I’m speaking of should jump right out at you!

I.A. Clark’s Statement Regarding the Founding of Oysterville

Also, never mind that two different descendents of John Douglas have been in touch with me since reading my S or S story about their forebear, and both say that, at least according to their family stories, I’m right on the money.  John Douglas had nothing (nada, nought, zero, zilch ) to do with the founding of Oysterville.  Period.

And, should you ask if I’m going to organize the History Forum again next year,,,  I may respond, what’s the use?.  Whatever is the friggin’ use???


  1. Carole Reid

    There is more to the world of the discovery coast than Oysterville. It is interesting but not esoteric.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Factual accuracy is factual accuracy, Esoteric has nothing to do with my comments. Nor does the rest of the publication. My comments were confined to Oysterville. Sorry if that wasn’t clear to you.


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