White Knuckles and Champagne Toasts

Jan 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Where was this yesterday?

As I was scraping snow off my windshield yesterday about 8:15, a man driving by ever-so-slowly in his big black truck stopped and called out, “The roads are REALLY icy this morning!”

“Yes.  I’m not looking forward to it but I have an appointment in Long Beach.”

“You should be all right if you just go slow,” he said.

And, I did!  25 mph all the way.  The good news is that not a single yayhoo passed me.  Everyone was content to stay well back and to stay at 25 mph or under.  It was the worst — glare ice, black ice, snowy slush, and intermittent dry-ish highway.  And, of course, the ditches on either side.  Waiting.

When I entered Long Beach’s city limits, the streets were mysteriously clear — asphalt black and wet as if someone had just come by and dumped hot hot water on them and then vacuumed up the excess.  Just in Long Beach!  Wow.

The Intrepid Few

Going back to Oysterville two hours later was not any better.  White knuckle driving the entire way.  (But my nails looked fabulous.  Thanks, Gina!

Last night, a few of the intrepid Friday Nighters gathered.  Kenny brought bubbly and we toasted the New Year.  Never mind that we were five hours early. I’m certain it was midnight somewhere!  I hope it was someplace that felt a little safer than here — maybe somewhere that they sand the roads when its icy.  (Didn’t they used to do that on the Peninsula?)




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