Whew! Guilt Free!

Apr 4, 2018 | 0 comments

I’m not one to do much reading of gardening books or watching or listening to programs about tips for a better crop of lettuce or aphid-free roses.  I find they make me anxious and discontent.  Somehow, “they” make it all sound so easy but when I go outside and consider what’s in front of me, the prospect of making order out of chaos seems overwhelming.

But, on Tuesday I happened to turn on the car radio just in time to hear most of “In Season” – a program that “explores the gardens and farms of the Lower Columbia Pacific region” says KMUN’s website – and I didn’t find it daunting at all.  In fact, I got home before it was over and sat in the garage, listening until the very end.

Last Year: Surprise Poppies

The hostess of the program is Teresa Retzlaff who, with her husband Packy Coleman, owns a small farm on the other side of the river.  Her guest on Tuesday was a fellow-gardener, Jessica Schleif.  They were talking about spring gardening tips and cautions and I found them to be reassuring to the max!

My main take-away (and music to my ears!) was: resist the temptation to plant anything yet; the soil is still too cold.  When I heard that, relief washed right over me and I was actually able to listen intelligently to some of their other points.  As in:  this is a good time to observe; pay attention to what’s coming up in the garden – things you might have forgotten you planted a year or so ago.

In My Mind’s Eye, A Garden Past

Say what!!!  These really-o, truly-o gardeners are saying that they sometimes forget what might be in their gardens?  It’s not just me?  The ‘surprises’ I see each year might have been surprises to the experts, too?  Oh my!  I like these women sight-unseen!

As for what I can do right now: put out the slug bait.  Okay.  I can do that.  Otherwise, just wait patiently for things to warm up.  No problem.  I’m on it big-time!


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