What he wrote was so so hard…

Jun 5, 2024 | 0 comments

… …but I couldn’t stop reading.  Couldn’t put the book down  And then, on page 77 in the poem called the guy who couldn’t see color,  there was Nyel’s name.  The first word in the third stanza…

Nyel might not walk again,  He got that black-and-white news from a green hospital full of multi-colored machines,
not one of which will help him regain his apathetic white leg
and I wonder if having two legs that work is a desire we’re born with,
or is there a way one leg is better?

And there was more about Nyel.  But I had to read it later.  After I could breathe again.  After my tears had finished — at least for this time.

Casey on the occasion of his 69th? (Cynthia, I borrowed (stole) this shamelessly from your FB Photos!)

Were Casey’s words about the time I was sitting in the ICU at St. Vincent’s,  Nyel not yet out of danger, I allowed in only because I was his next of kin.  When the door opened I thought it was one of the doctors or nurses but… it was Casey.  With hugs.  And gentle humor. And so much love.  I never did find out how he got in..  Did he say he was Nyel’s brother?  The brother Nyel never had?

On the fly leaf of this book, Freak Show…this small volume full of hard, loving thoughts, this book that was published by Fernwood Press in 2024, Casey wrote: To Sydney & Nyel, Best friends forever.  Casey.

Yes.  Forever.








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