What are the rules again? Reminder needed.

Jan 26, 2022 | 0 comments

On Their Way?

The bulb folk are poking up their heads everywhere — the daffodils, the hyacinths, and probably the tulips but we don’t do those.  After all, there’s just no use is planting purposely for the deer people.  They find enough forage in our garden as it is.  I sometimes wonder what my dad was thinking when he planted those two camellia bushes.  Especially the one by the East Porch.  It must send out a constant beacon to the neighborhood deer; there isn’t a single time of year or type of weather that lets it hang onto its leaves.

And speaking of camellias, both bushes are still in tight bud.  “Why?” I ask them.  “Was it too cold earlier in the winter?  Too hot last summer?  What threw you off?”  They don’t answer, of course.  Not even when I reassure them that maybe they’re returning to “normal” blooming time — my birthday at the end of February.  They’ve been early for so many years now (maybe ten) that I actually thought climate change had settled in to stay here in our garden.

Coming Soon – The Hyacinth Border!

On the other had, I’m pretty sure those hyacinths are early.  I ask them the same questions about the effects of the weather but they just wave at me and say, kind of like the Jeffersons. theme song, “Movin’ On Up!”  We aren’t really expecting their sedate blue blooms until mid-April, but they do seem ahead of themselves this year.

Or maybe it’s just us… thrown off our own stride by the repeated off-again, on-again serious sheltering, by too much sickness and by death too near to our hearts, and by way too many scary news reports and horrifying headlines.  Spring with all its promises can’t come fast enough to my way of thinking.  “Enough,” I say, “of this soldiering-on nonsense!”  We need to burst forth in all our glory just like our garden flowers.  And soon!


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