Vicarious Living Through Larry!

Nov 17, 2019 | 0 comments

At the Museu Picasso de Barcelona – Photo by Larry Murante

While the coffee was brewing, I went online to see what was going on this Sunday morning.  The first image to flash on my screen was the mirror image of how I was feeling before that first cuppa.  Maybe that’s what Picasso was doing all along — picturing how he thought the rest of us feel when we aren’t quite up to snuff.

The photograph was on Larry Murante’s FB page and led me on a vicarious journey through the streets of Barcelona and, then into the magic of Portugal.

It was not all that long ago that Larry and Karen sat at our dining room table and mentioned, casually I thought, that they’d be going on a trip soon.  Larry said he had decided not to take a guitar — although he had briefly considered getting an inexpensive backpacker’s model.  What he failed to mention was that he’d be photographing along the way.  And, in case you don’t know, if Larry hadn’t put his eggs into the music basket, he could easily have become a world class photographer — at least, in my opinion.  He has an eye — as well as an ear.

Larry Considers A Portuguese Guitar – Photo by Karen?

I’ve shamelessly stolen a few of his images and, just as shamelessly, urge  Larry’s fans to friend him on FB if they haven’t done so already.  Then you, too, can tag along on his trip and see the sights through his wonderfully observant eyes.   I wonder if there are songs that have begun composing themselves in his head along his journey.  I hope so.


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