Vespers Bounty Beyond Expectations!

Aug 7, 2022 | 2 comments

Peninsula Guitar Project

It’s happening more and more frequently these Sunday afternoons.  I am coming home from Music Vespers at the Oysterville Church laden down with gifts.  I’m not talking spiritual gifts here for they come along almost as a matter of course when you spend time in our lovely little church.  No, I’m talking about actual pick-it-up-and-carry-it-home sorts of gifts.  Today there were three!

First, was a CD that Bill Svendsen handed me just before today’s service began  “The Peninsula Guitar Project – Live at the Oysterville Church” it was called and, lest there be no doubt, there was a picture of our church right on the disc!  Bill had set up the recording equipment last week before Ken Emo, Jason Sheaux, and George Coleman — The Peninsula Guitar Trio — took center stage.  How lucky I was to be able to listen to them all over again this evening!

Vespers Flowers by Sue Svendsen

Then, as I was leaving the church, Sue Svendsen called to me and  offered me one of the bouquets she had done for today’s service.  I took the smaller of the two and it was absolutely the right choice.  It is perfect on our entry table in the living room and cheers me each time I pass by.

And… before I had even reached my gate, Deborah Perry called out to me and came hurrying over with a loaf of bread that her friend had made yesterday.  “The loaves are small, but she made 15 of them!” Deborah said.  “If you have company, I can give you more than one loaf!”  Wow!

And as if all of these treasures weren’t enough… I am still basking in the glow after a familiar looking woman came up and spoke to me as I was helping gather up hymnals.  She said she was from the Sacramento area of California and she has been coming up to visit our Peninsula each summer for years.  “I remember your sweet mother,” she said, “and the wonderful hats she always wore to Vespers.”  How lovely it was to have someone speak to me of my mother.  It was the best gift of all!



  1. Cassin R Espy

    Hi dear Cuz!

    I am so happy that you are finding lovely things in your life.

    Much love


    • sydney

      And messages from you are one of the loveliest!!
      XXXOOO Sydney


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