There’s nothing quite like friendship!

Apr 21, 2023 | 6 comments

The 1892 Spire Handoff, April 30, 2021

I was in Ilwaco today getting my nails done when my phone (in my pocket, of course!) began to ring.  Gina-the-nail-Guru retrieved said phone, and I was able to catch Tucker before he hung up.  “I thought your talk was just charming on Wednesday,” he said.

And then he had some other specific compliments but all I heard and all I’ve remembered is “charming!”  I can’t think when a phone call has made me feel so much better!  (I was still stewing, of course, over my less than stellar performance.)  But, suddenly, I felt like maybe my talk at the Surfside Homeowner’s Association might not have been a complete disaster after all.

I’ve been told many times that I’m my own worst critic.  But “charming” is a first!  I was so touched and probably should just consider the source — Tucker is, after all, a neighbor and good friend.  But I also think he’s fairly objective and is not prone to expressing what he does not believe.  I’ve been glowing all day!

Barbara Canney – From Her FB Site

On the other hand, I had a text from my good friend Barbara Canney who was here with us a year ago at about this time during Nyel’s last month.   You might remember that, for my 85th birthday in 2021, Nyel had sent Barb’s plane fare from Boston to come and help me organize my computer files.  She didn’t make it for a year and we didn’t get much computer work done but she helped both Nyel and me in ways that only a best friend could do.

 Today she messaged:  “I’m in hospital.  hard to talk.  John can fill in.” and gave me husband John’s phone number.  A horror story  — back pain; PT prescribed; pain worse; pain meds prescribed; PT discovered lump on neck near spine; more pain meds; losing sight and speech; John scurrying to get her admitted to Harvard’s Med School Hospital where they FINALLY did an MRI; lump is an abscess now being drained; don’t yet know the cause so can’t prescribe correct antibiotics yet…

OMG! If only I were 10 years younger than she instead of the other way around.  I’d be there in an instant.  Thank goodness for John and for her siblings who live much closer.  All I can do is send love and healing thoughts…

And, finally, still along the lines of friendship, I  learned today of Edie Shire’s death.  She was 98 and the last time I saw her (which I think was last summer) was at Vespers helping (as usual!) to collect and put away the hymnals as she did every Sunday since Vespers began in 1978.  I will miss her energy, her no-nonsense attitude, and her indomitable spirit.


  1. Judy McNeal

    Oh Sidney, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I will pray for her.
    And Edie! What a ball of fire she was! I’ll bet she’s organizing the choir up there!
    I enjoy your writing so much, it’s what I look for in the paper first thing!
    God bless you real good!

  2. Caroline Miller

    While this blog, like life, has elements of sadness in it, it’s love the picture of two people who make me smile. Friendships do provide compensation to life’s vagaries.

  3. Susan Clark

    I knew Edie was not at G Sands, I knew why, but I did not know she passed away. I will surely miss her. I provided her with some of the bird seed and hummingbird syrup because she took care of lots of birds there. I will miss her most in December at the Sr. Center’s birthday party (Ice Cream social) because my birthday is also in December, and because she was older than me she always Always! got to be Queen, which was really fine with me! That’s when I will miss her most!

  4. Valerie Harrison

    Oh Sydney, I’m sorry you were so far away from her. But so glad you gave such a entertaining view of your grandfather’s life before and in Oysterville. Thank you so much for giving Surfside HOA glimpse into his life and your time. Thank you again for saying yes to my reqest.

  5. Debby Halliburton

    Whoa ?- sorry to hear about Edie. She and Marge Beard were the just about the last of the “old guard” around here and we lost both of them this year. The last time I saw Edie at Golden Sands (pre-Covid) she was pumping away in the exercise room on the rowing machine. One tough and determined lady!

    • sydney

      Yes, I feel we’ve lost so many of the “old guard” these last few years — which means those of us approaching our nineties are next in line. Oh my!


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