The Sunshiny, Loud, and Glorious Fourth!

Jul 6, 2024 | 0 comments

Lt. Steve Kovach and, Major Sydney Stevens look on as, Lt. Chester Wachsmuth prepares cannon for firing.

The weather was perfect — just enough breeze to keep the air moving and in my mind, anyway, keeping the temperature a smidge under 80° — which seems to be my upper limit of tolerance these days  It’s hard to believe that I spent the first forty some years of my life as a “California Girl.”  (I’m happy to report that I’m now fully acclimated to our foggy,  breezy, coastal weather.)

The Honorary Oysterville Militia gathered on the Cannon Parade Ground to make the 248th birthday salute to our country as well as to two other anniversaries near and dear to our hearts — the 170th year since the founding of Oysterville and the 20th year since the establishment of The Honorary Oysterville Militia!

Lt. Fred Carter leads T.H.O.M. members and onlookers in singing “This Land Is My Land.”

We began the festivities with our T.H.O.M. Musician Lt. Fred Carter leading our patriotic gathering through all of the verses of “This Land is Your Land” by Woodie Guthrie.  (Fred also set us all to wondering if we had been using the right melody or… were we singing the familiar words to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” instead?)

The firing squad on this occasion consisted of Lt. Chester “Tucker” Wachsmuth and Lt, Steve Kovach who loaded the charge (a blank as is always T.H.O.M.’s commitment) and fired it off with ‘nary a hitch.

And, as always, I thought of James Swan’s remark about the very first Fourth of July Celebration here in Shoalwater Country on July 4, 1853: “and all declared that, with the exception of the absence of a cannon, they never had a pleasanter “fourth.”   (Wish you could have been here, Jim Swan!  And all the rest of ‘the oyster boys’ as well.  I think you all would have approved!)





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