The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Ink

Jun 14, 2023 | 0 comments

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Somehow this blog title sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery by “Carolyn Keene”… but, in reality, it’s a here-and-now lament about two articles that were to be in today’s Chinook Observer.  But weren’t.  Both submitted by me.  Both agreed upon by the editor beforehand.  Both missing.

Joel Underwood, Guitarist, Singer, Storyteller, Historian

Well… I do understand the news business.  I wasn’t a journalism major for nothing.  And I know how space is limited, breaking news often takes precedence and, in general, sh** happens.  Still, I’m upset on behalf of those who were hoping for those stories — hoping that the articles would make the paper “in time.”

First was a reminder about this Sunday’s Music Vespers at the Oysterville Church.  What you need to know: it starts at 3:00 with an “Oysterville Moment” by me, presided over by Pastor Steve Kovach, and featuring the music of Joel Underwood who is here under the auspices of the Peninsula Arts Center in Long Beach.  Flowers will be provided by Todd Wiegardt, Suzanne Knutzen will play the old-fashioned pump organ to accompany the congregational hymn-singing, and Tucker Wachsmuth will oversee the passing of the collection baskets.  Donations go to sponsoring organization, the Oysterville Restoration Foundation for church maintenance. The event is free and open to the public.

Sydney with Ray Hicks, a Legend in his own time!

The second “missing” article was one of my “Saints or Sinners?” stories.  I had hoped that this one would be about a legendary Pacific County character who is having a hard time of it right now and I’d asked that it be printed “out of order.”  I guess that was a mistake resulting in no story at all.  Fingers crossed for next week!



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