The Heavenly Ladies of Lyrica

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Lyrica Ladies Choral Ensemble of Pugent Sound - Oysterville 2014

Lyrica Ladies Choral Ensemble of Pugent Sound – Oysterville 2014

In July 2011, I wrote: The Lyrica Ladies Choral Ensemble of Puget Sound will sing at the Oysterville Music Vespers service Sunday, July 17, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. …
According to Lyrica’s director, LeeAnne Campos, the group has been together for ten years and has performed in Oysterville “seven or eight times.”
Based in Tacoma, the group’s connection to the peninsula can be traced back to LeeAnne’s student days at Pacific Lutheran University when she studied voice with local pianist/composer Barbara Poulshock who was then part of the voice faculty at PLU.  

Change the dates and numbers a bit and I could write the same thing today.  Vespers on this August afternoon features the Lyrica Ladies!  I don’t think they have missed a single summer at the Oysterville Music Vespers in all the years since 2011 which puts them well into the double digit category of Vespers participation.

Inside the Oysterville Church

Inside the Oysterville Church

Over the years, the Ensemble has increased in numbers to the point that the dais in the little Oysterville Church can no longer accommodate them.  A few years ago LeeAnne told me that she had considered just having a part of the group sing – much like our local Bayside Singers have had to do.  “But,” LeeAnne said later, “all of the ladies wanted to be included; none wanted to stay behind.”

So they found another way to distribute themselves in the little church so they could all participate in making their marvelous music.  They lined themselves up in the aisles and sang from there, giving the audience a ‘surround sound’ experience.  Wow!  Talk about feeling like you’d  ‘died and gone to heaven’!

I’m not sure what their plan is today but, no matter what, the music will be exactly perfect for in its historic setting – a choir of angels right here in Oysterville.  Officiating at the service will be Pastor Tom Elkins of the Ocean Park Methodist Church.  Sandra Nielsen will play the organ and, for the only time this summer, the ‘Oysterville Moment” will be mine.  See you there!


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