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And speaking of “Saints or Sinners”…

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Cynthia and Casey – From Cynthia’s Facebook Page

Doncha just love it when suddenly a few of the disparate dots in your life become unexpectedly connected and you get that “God’s in his Heaven and all’s right with the world” feeling?  Here was the sequence of events that happened to me yesterday and, though I galloped through several emotional reactions, by the time the sun was up this morning, I was a happy camper indeed!

First, my long-time friend Casey (our long-ago ‘singing postmaster” here in Oysterville) wrote and said that he and his wife, Cynthia, are going to be in the area for a few days as she will be teaching a knitting class in Long Beach and would I be free to join them for dinner on Friday night? ” Yes, indeedy!” was my response.  And could they come to  the traditional “Friday Night Gathering” here ahead of time, I asked?  And so… we worked it out.  OH BOY! I haven’t seen  Casey and Cynthia since Nyel’s Farewell Party and I am delighted.

“Shawl Collar” From Cynthia’s FB Page

Not too many minutes later, I got this note from Editor Matt Winter’s concerning today’s paper:  “My page designer and I miscommunicated and there is no saint or sinner in this week’s edition.”  Say what???  “New page designer?” I asked myself.  Surely, after 33 weeks of my Saint or Sinner stories, whoever-it-is understands the procedure. There are still a number of those stories “in the hopper” (so to speak) with no ending time yet discussed.  And, of course, when that thought occurred to me, I began to stew a bit…

So, the first thing this morning — well, actually the second, as first thing is a cup of coffee and Wordle — I looked at my online copy of the Chinook Observer to see what story, exactly, had usurped me.  “A TIGHT-KNIT GROUP -Fiber artists ready to strut their stitches’ said the headline!  And there was a story (with colorful and enticing pictures! about yet another friend, Colleen Smith, and her Ocean Park business, “Colleen’s Coffee House and Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop” and about the Columbia Pacific Fiber Arts Association and their two-day Fiber Festival this coming weekend at Long Beach School!  Where Cynthia will be teaching! Which is why she and Casey will be on the Peninsula! Which is why my 34th Saints and Sinner Article got usurped from this edition of the paper!.

Yay!  The dots are connected and all is right with my world!

Some Days Are Like That!

Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Patricia’s Garden – 2019

Carefully considered, I do believe yesterday had many more pluses than minuses.  As a matter of fact, there was only one negative and, as it turned out, that was mostly a figment  of my imagination.  (Doncha just hate when that happens?)

The morning passed “as usual” — a few household chores, a little catching up with email, and another pass at next week’s column for the paper.  It’s not quite to my liking yet but maybe the lightening gods will visit me today.  Not “lightening” in the sense of a flash of brilliance; more the opposite of serious as in “lighten up!”  I still have a day or two. so I can but hope.

But back to yesterday — I spent the midday hours at my friend Patricia’s house — lunch and a garden tour (but forgot to take pictures, of course!) and a lot of catching up.  I especially loved seeing the latest pictures of her granddaughters and hearing the latest among her many siblings and in-laws — all areas of life that I’m not personally privy to, being as I am, an only child and also the mother of an only, unmarried child.  Thank goodness for good friends who don’t mind my vicarious clapping and cheering or (sometimes) clucking and lamenting.

Judy in her Rodeo Queen Days!

Then off to the Performing Arts Center to Judy Eron’s concert — some familiar songs, some new, and all pure Judy!  My personal favorite was her tribute to Charlie, “her very own fruitcake.”  I couldn’t help wondering how many people in the audience had been lucky enough to actually sample some of Charlie’s fruitcake — his father’s recipe — as Nyel and I had.  I think Nyel actually gave Charlie a sample of his fruitcake — in his case, his mother’s recipe! (Again, I didn’t even think of taking a picture, so entranced was I — but scored today online with one that must have been taken in her “Rodeo Queen” days!)

I drove home in the glow of friendships and laughter and music and decided to start dinner and then get back to my computer.  But… cough, sputter, rusty spurts, silence!  No hot water!  Not in the kitchen!  Not in the downstairs bathroom sinks!  Not in the bar.  I went out to listen for the pump.  Was it running?  Did I have yet another  leak?

Spiffy New Faucet

It was well after six-thirty but I called the plumber anyway.  I could at least leave a message.  But on just the second or the third ring, he answered!  Himself!  And I began to cry.  So much for Competent-Widow-Woman-In-Charge-Of-Her-Life…  Patience on his part, an explanation that he’d been here doing a little more work that we’d discussed previously, and following a few simple directions on my part and… all was well.  But doncha just HATE when that happens?

I know Nyel was nearby when I was enjoying Judy’s Fruitcake song.  I hope he was off doing something else when I was blubbering over the phone to my ever-patient plumber.  And I tried mightily to cut myself some slack. One or two plumbing disasters in a summer… maybe acceptable.  But five?  OMG! Please, please!  No more!