Summertime and the livin’ ain’t always easy!

Jul 8, 2024 | 6 comments

Charlie Takes Charge!

It’s been making the rounds — this drippy, coughy, blowy, exhausting crud that seems to hang on and on.  Yes,  everyone  checks for Covid first.  We are well-programmed in that department.  But the test results are negative.  Some folks go to Urgent Care but without tangible results.  At least one friend ended up in the ER, was diagnosed with a slight case of pneumonia, and sent home to rest and recover.

In the olden days, we called this ailment a “summer cold” which is what I decided I had when I realized it wasn’t going away after three or four days.  And not even after two weeks. It started with a sore throat the day my son Charlie arrived.  That was June 21st.

The Garden Basking In Summer Heat!

It’s the first time in our 68 years together that I ever remember him having to take care of me — orange juice and chicken noodle soup and taps on the bedroom door asking “Do you need anything?”  Did we have any “quality time” together?  Charlie says, “yes” and that he was glad to be here to help.  I am still bummed.  Not that it wasn’t wonderful to be cossetted by my very competent son… but I had so wished to visit old friends with him, go out to the beach, down to the bay… you know.  Have a REAL summer visit.

Then came my darling cousins, the Schreiber family.  More of the same, though I tried to be up and dressed and taking nourishment a few times during their five-day visit.  But as far as being a “hostess” or even a relative to remain on the “Fun To Visit” list — forget it.

Yesterday I was beginning to feel better, but even so, I took a nap and missed Vespers entirely — first time THAT’S ever happened.  Damned summer cold!

Oh yes — I looked it up.  There is, indeed such an animal (as my mother would have said) as a “summer cold” — likely caused by an enterovirus rather than than a rhinovirus which is the usual culprit with winter colds.  Look it up.  It won’t help but sometimes it’s just good to have a name for the culprit.


  1. Barbara Bennett Parsons

    Oh, shoot!! Not at all fair. I’ve been thinking about you much lately.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Great minds, Barbara! I’ve been wondering about you, too, and if you are back to “normal” by now — whatever that is/was! I’m not driving off the Peninsula much any more but, even so, maybe we could figure out a gt=together before summer is over!
      Lpve. S/

  2. Larry Murante

    SO sorry to hear you’e not feeling well Sydney and that it keeps having on. Feel better soon and hope to see you again soon!

    • Sydney Stevens

      Thanks, Larry. Oysterville (me, Tucker, Carol etc. etc hope you’ll be back before too long! We fear we’ve been left in the dusts of glory now that you are rich and famous.
      Love, Sydney

  3. Carole Reid

    That’s what my grandmother always called them.

    Get better soon.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Thanks, Carol


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