Sorry we missed saying “goodbye,” Margie!

Apr 22, 2022 | 1 comment

Marjorie Cochrane

Clay wrote a note today to say that he was home in Sandpoint, now that Margie had passed away…

His mother-in-law, Margie Cochrane — tiny, soft-spoken, eleven (almost twelve) years older than I.  Also a writer, we shared drafts of books yet unpublished and encouraged one another when we could.  Mostly it was during the intermissions of House Concerts or sometimes at the Bayside Singers’ presentations.  Our paths seldom crossed, though we lived within a few miles of one another.  Always, though, her bright eyes and interested smile belied her frailness…

We were in Seattle — Nyel fighting his own health issues — and though he asked me to bring him the papers, I think he was too ill to read them. I am so sorry we didn’t know.  Sorry I couldn’t have sent good thoughts as she took her last journey.  Sorry I couldn’t tell Clay how much we admired him and his wife for their years of devotion.  Sorry we didn’t spend one last intermission together…



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  1. Jenny Valencourt

    Our soft-spoken friends are missed. I have memories quite similar, and hugs to you for your fortitude. Nyel is home.


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