Some things don’t change… Not really.

Jul 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Since Mark, the CenturyLink-Internet-Magician paid us a house call, our service has been the best yet.  It’s (mostly) steady-as-she-goes. Read:  (mostly) not “intermittent.”  There is enough oomph for receiving photos from my cell phone (if the file size is small enough) and I can count on staying “connected” when I’m trying to catch up with Facebook.  Life in Computer Land is medium-to-good.

On the other hand, we are back to Square One in the Down-Streaming to TV Department.  No more Netflix.  No more Roku.  A few series we were following left in midstream, so to speak.  Our download and upload speeds are not strong enough.  Again.

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine

This is déjà vu clear back to the time Mike Challis made a house call years ago and said that our internet speed just isn’t fast enough.  How we managed to stream for a year or so is one of those cyberspace mysteries.  Mark-the-Magician suggested an upgrade to our Roku.  Amazon to the rescue, perhaps?  Today or tomorrow Nyel will work on it…

Before Mark paid us a house call, our download speed was 0.11 at best.  Now it is (sometimes) 5.37 which should be enough.  Barely.   But sometimes… it’s in the 0. 3  range… And to think that my grandparents used to bemoan all the people on their party line who picked up the telephone when our “four shorts” rang.  It made the incoming call so weak that they couldn’t hear.   The problem is still the same — our connection with the outside world is tenuous at best.

Some things don’t exactly change — they just get more complicated.


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