So tell me again… what season is it, anyway?

Sep 14, 2023 | 0 comments

Late Summer Crocuses?

The crocuses are up in my garden!  I thought that was a bit peculiar but I’m not very green-thumbish.  So I looked it up.  This is what I found:  Crocuses can bloom from late winter to early spring, depending on the area. The flowers hold up for about 3 weeks on average. 

Shasta Daisies? All dead-headed!

Addled I may be, but I’m positive it’s neither late winter nor early spring or even in between the two.  So, what’s with those croci (or crocuses if you prefer) in the beds under my rhododendrons on the east side of the house?

I did a little walk-about this afternoon to see if there are other weirdnesses.  Yes, indeedy!  The Shasta daisies are all but gone and the Black-eyed Susans are drooping toward oblivion.  I’ve watered and dead-headed and talked to them… but apparently for naught.

Droopy Black-Eyed Susans!

So what time of year is it in my garden, anyway?  Is it only this particular garden?  I am flummoxed.  The Garden Girls come tomorrow.  Maybe they’ll have the inside scoop.  And maybe we’ll have to put our heads together and plan a little differently for next year.


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