Signs of the Season

Nov 20, 2011 | 0 comments

November at the Ned Osborne House

     In that nostalgic way we have of remembering just the best parts of past things, Nyel often says he “misses the seasons.”  He grew up in Idaho and has memories of snowy winters and hot, dry summers – memories that I am lacking, having grown up on the Pacific Coast where our climate is said to be “mild.”
     I’ve heard folks claim that we only have two seasons here in Oysterville – the rainy season and the dry season.  Lately, now that we are experiencing El Niños and La Niñas and Global Warming and other ‘meteorological events,’ it seems to me that the dry season comes mostly a few days at a time, just tucked into a year-long rainy season.
     Even snowy winter days are few and far between and, to me, are mostly memorable for their inconvenience.  It’s usually during one of our ‘cold snaps’ that the power goes out and we are huddled around the fireplace trying to keep our blood circulating.  Kids probably look at it differently, especially on those rare occasions that there is snow enough to make a snowman or to have a righteous snowball fight.  But, I can’t quite fathom ‘missing’ the winter season.
     Autumn, though is another story.  I love the bright splotches of color that we see here and there – usually maples of one sort or other, gracing the gardens in a landscape otherwise dominated by the green of conifers.  But those piles of neatly raked leaves that one sees in Norman Rockwell paintings?  Not a common sight here on the blustery coast.
     Yesterday, though, on our morning walk, we noticed an absolutely ‘typical’ fall scene right down the street at the old Ned Osborne House, Mike Dutchuck’s place.  Neat piles of leaves – maybe a dozen of them – marched around the lawn.  I wondered what Mike had planned for those piles.  Would he burn them giving us yet another look at a typical fall scene?
     If so, he’d have to hurry.  Already, some leaves were scattering and the wind was sending more flurries to be raked.  Of course, I took a picture!  It’s not often we see such an autumn scene in Oysterville!  Thanks, Mike!


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