Report from Oz – Day Four

Mar 13, 2022 | 3 comments

I’m sad to say that Nyel’s Team of Wizards have not yet found the magic elixir that will send him along the homeward path to  Oysterville.  Yesterday he lost less fluid than ever — only milliliters — so they have changed out his meds once again and have further limited his fluid intake.  We’ll see what the next twenty-four hours bring.  Even though, technically, it will only be twenty-three.

Meanwhile, one of the Wizards (perhaps being a bit of a soulmate?) told Nyel about the magic DVD library that he can tap into and, at last report, the patient was happily watching “The Gladiator.”  He seems to have no complaints except the food — the worst, he says, of all the hospitals he’s been in over the past eight or nine years.  “They just can’t get it right,” he says.

For breakfast he carefully ordered things they couldn’t screw up — “all packaged things: 1 coffee; 2 orange juices; 2 peach kefirs (liquid yogurt); 1 applesauce.”  What he got was 1 coffee; 2 orange juices; 1 kefir; 2 apple sauces.  It was close and certainly could have been — and has been — worse.   Still… since it’s about the only thing he has a say in right now, it’s annoying.

But, he is philosophical.  “It’s the doctors’ results that interest me most,” he says.  “Amen to that,” say I.  If there have to be screw ups, let it be in the kitchen and not on the medical side of things!!

Certainly for me (and, actually, for us both) the best medicine of all up to now has been the continuing stream of good wishes and messages from our friends and loved ones.  And from the chickens, too, thanks to Carol!  Keep good thoughts.


  1. Kristina Jones

    Dearest Cuz and Her Best Beau: All love and blessings and healing and goodness to you both. I carry you in my heart. Love always, KK

    • sydney

      Thanks, Kris!

  2. Cassin Espy

    Hello again! I’m becoming a pest I know, but you’re in my heart always. Love from another cousin, and it better be your FAVORITE one, Cass


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