Report From Oz — Day Eleven

Mar 20, 2022 | 1 comment

Cherry Blossoms University of Washington Quad

So… is this the first day of Spring?  Or… is it coming tomorrow?  When I checked on Google, the message I got was:  Spring 2022 March 20th-21st.  The way I read it, the Season Gurus don’t really know which day it’s arriving…  or this year, Spring will be over day after tomorrow!

It’s definitely cold enough to still be winter.  On the other hand, the daffodils in Oysterville are looking brighter than ever and, for the brief time I was in town yesterday, the bay reflected the blue, blue sky.  In Seattle it has rained by fits and starts and certainly didn’t encourage the wearing of Spring Bonnets or the planning of Easter Parades.  But there may yet be time — Easter is relatively late this year:  April 17th.

When I begin to lament the weather, however, I realize that even the inclement Spring is preferable to the gray, climate-less hospital room in which Nyel is spending his time.  No soft breezes or whippy winds.  No squinty sun days or foggy gray building-shrouded evenings.  Same temperature, same filtered air, same old, same old.

However, there are miniscule changes happening with Patient Nyel.  His appetite is improving — or perhaps he’s finding the best menu options to order.  He’s back to heading up the Clean Plate Club.  Again, his IV diuretic drip has been increased a bit so that he actually lost over one liter of fluid yesterday, making his eleven-day total in the ten-pound range.  Specifically, he weighed in at 77.8 kilograms (171.51 pounds) on Wednesday, March 9th and, today weighs 73.45 kilograms (161.9).

“They” have not given him a target weight, but asked him what his goal was.  “151” was his answer.  That wasn’t completely out of the blue.  Dr. Trusted threw that number out several years ago as “probably” a good weight for Nyel.  Whether or not he can reach it now, and whether or not it is a realistic goal now is the question.  The bigger questions, of course, are:  how long will it take?  And, when can we get him home to Oysterville?


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  1. Cassin Espy

    Hi Sydney-

    It’s my understanding that today is the first day of Spring. I should have known because I woke up at 4AM with a sore and swollen eye and a nose that refused to tire of running. Yay for Spring allergies!
    At least I’m not stuck in Oz eating crappy food and talking to crappy Specialists…..

    Nyel looks fabulous in those pictures. I wish they would figure out a regimen for him and let him go home!!!!

    So, Sydney, don’t have one bloody thing to say, or even a funny joke to give you guys a much needed giggle. I love you very much……always have. Cass


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