Pre-programmed to self-destruct?

Jul 17, 2023 | 0 comments

Ancient World Map

Now and then I yearn to go back in time for a day or two.  I’d like a first-hand look at how my ancestors lived, why they made the choices they did, or if they even felt they had a say in how their lives unfolded.  Sometimes I don’t know if I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt — as in did they really know any better back then?  Nor do I know if my assumptions about their limited knowledge in some areas are really correct.

International Court of Justice

My thoughts about going back in time are certainly connected with the here and now and the legacies we will be leaving.  Which are the things that future generations will misconstrue?  How will they interpret our continuous warring, our inability to maintain peace even within our own countries?  And, mostly, what will they think of our nurturing processes — of how we prepare our young for a “better world” over and over again and then explain away our failures in complicated and ineffective court cases.

Research Factory

When our world was threatened by the Covid pandemic, we prevailed upon our “experts” and in record time they developed vaccines and boosters that helped the majority of us.  But we have been threatened by a far greater menace than the Covid virus.  Our very planet is under seige and may be uninhabitable by humans in the not-too-distant future.

Are we not smart enough to find a way to fix this scourge?    Or do we just not care enough?  And does our past hold any answers for us?   What do you think?




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