P. S. Bring your dog…?

Jun 2, 2010 | 2 comments

Nyel with Widmer Fagerland

     I’ve been trying to remember where we turned a corner and put out the word to dog owners that their canine friends were always welcome.  I’ve had several dogs in my lifetime – good playmates and trusted companions all.  But when I was ‘out and about’, the dog stayed home.  So did the cat.  So do our chickens.  I’m thinking that these days there must be a hidden postscript to every invitation – either written or verbal – that only dog owners are privy to:  P.S. Bring your dog(s)!
     Of course, not all dog owners fall into this category.  Since we are not ‘dog people,’ at least at the present, when people come to our house,  many do leave their dogs at home; others leave them in the car; some bring them and tie them to the fence.  But if there is an event outside or at a dog-owning neighbor’s place, the dogs sometimes seem to outnumber the people.  I wonder if owners know about the doggy etiquette site at www.bigpawsonly.com?  It might be helpful.
     I remember when, in the early 1980s, it became socially unacceptable to smoke at our friends’ homes. People began to ask us to please step outside if we wanted/needed to smoke.  Those requests were a major contributor to my decision to stop smoking after 30 two-packs-a-day years.  I didn’t like the feeling of having to choose between being with my friends and stepping out for a cigarette.  So I quit.  And, of course, I’m not sorry.
     I wonder if bringing dogs to social gatherings will eventually become unacceptable in the same way.  Perhaps.  But, first, those of us who object will have to say so and that isn’t really a pleasant responsibility.  It gives me a new respect for my non-smoking friends who suggested, gently, that we smokers step outside.  The bad part is, truth to tell, I’m sort of afraid that most of my errant dog-owning friends might choose their dogs over me…


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I hosted a friend’s relative in our house in Ilwaco when there was a wedding in the family. They brought a motor home, but for some reason felt compelled to bring their dog into the house without asking first. I don’t think I was particularly nice over that one. My puppy was not pleased with the dog or with their three-year-old grandchild who chased him around and around while shrieking. Thus began our dog’s antipathy for other dogs and children. People should have the courtesy to ASK before they arrive with their dog or else leave them in the car.

  2. Rita

    “Love Me, Love My Dog” is what one friend told me once. I quickly developed a “love hate” relationship with the dog. Friend knew it and I lost the friendship. Since then I make choices. Is the friend worth it? Some are and some are not. Is the dog worth it? Some are and some are not. Another great reading Sydney!
    PS. Can’t believe you were ever a “two pack a day” person!!! I’ll take a dog anyday over a cigarette smoke in my home any day:-)


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