Oysterville’s Deer People

Sep 2, 2021 | 0 comments


Posing for Tucker

The deer people have been keeping a fairly low profile — at least on our edge of town.  I imagine the bucks are busy growing their new antlers — maybe even getting the itch to get the velvet off by now.  And the mama deer have just about had it with nursing.  By now, even the June-borns should be foraging on their own.  It’s not quite time to stay out of sight of the hunters — but soon.

A week or so ago, I saw our little Bucky deer over on the west side of Sandridge just across from School Street.  He was fairly well camouflaged and watching the traffic closely, not interested in crossing just then, but perhaps storing up traffic information.  The car in front of me spotted him and slowed to a stop.  Those behind us had no idea what the trouble was but they were respectful and, after we went on, I saw in my rear view mirror that they stopped in their turn to have a look.  It’s one thing most of us never tire of.

By Tucker Wachsmuth

Tucker got some wonderful photos of an older buck.  I didn’t ask where he was but I imagine it was out Leadbetter way.  What a beauty.  I hope he can stay hidden from the trophy hunters this fall.   Not every deer is as patient and diligent as Oysterville’s Bucky.  We are looking forward to his annual fall pear foraging adventures — anytime now.  Fingers crossed.



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