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Oct 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Sam Wachsmuth — From his Mom’s FB Page


“If I only have one hour to live, I would be in class because it feels like eternity!”  So reports Tucker and Carol’s daughter-in-law Mary Wachsmuth with regard to her nine-year-old son, Sam.   She posted his comment and his picture on FaceBook yesterday.  I LOVED it!

Sam has the unusual (I think) distinction of having been delivered by his own father, Clark.  Furthermore, he sports the middle name, Hawkeye — not in the Natty Bumpo sense of James Fenimore Cooper’s 1826 novel, The Last of the Mohicans.  No.  Sammy’s name is Hawkeye as in the Alan Alda MASH character who, as it happens, was given the nickname by his father who did, in fact. take it from The Last of the Mohicans, the only book he had ever read.  I LOVE that, too!

 I don’t know how Sammy feels about it.  It’s probably too soon to ask him.  It takes time to become even a little bit objective about such things.  Sam would probably be more inclined to go along with any positive remarks I might make about his food choices when left to his own devices.  For many of us, he became a kind of food-hero (don’t tell him!) at the Oysterville Regatta Dinner  three years ago.

Sam During the Virtual Schooldays of 2020

As had become the custom, the dinner (read: banquet) took place in Sam’s Aunt Lina’s front yard and was presented buffet-style for the enjoyment of all the Regatta participants, their families, and the residents of greater downtown Oysterville.  Among the food choices that evening were corn chowder, black bean and sweet potato soup, dueling beef briskets (one by Sam’s Uncle Charley, and one by Lina’s husband,  Uncle Dave) or maybe those were the year before, four(!) different kinds of vegan enchiladas, beef enchiladas, homemade refried beans, tossed salad, chocolate cake, almond cake, and cheesecake.  Whew!

Sam looked over all the choices and waited patiently as each guest filled a plate (maybe more than once).  Then, quick-as-a-wink,   Sam chose one of those big, oval paper bowls, poured in a generous mound of peanut M&Ms, buried them in a mountain of whipped cream topping, and proceeded to a quiet corner enjoy his “dinner.”  Lest there be no questions about a healthy boy’s appetite (and priorities), for dessert Sam helped himself to a giant slice of chocolate cake and smothered it, too, with whipped cream!   What a guy!



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